Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice

These are among the best criminal lawyers.  Membership in the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ) is limited to approximately fifty Minnesota defense attorneys.  A criminal defense lawyers association, MSCJ is operated as a College of criminal defense attorneys.  Membership is by invitation, by vote of the existing membership when vacancies come up.

The group meets about once per month in the Twin Cities, to discuss developments in Minnesota criminal law and DWI defense practice.  By sharing information, briefs, arguments, and brain-storming, members both contribute and benefit.

Leading the Way


The Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice also promotes justice also by supporting change in the laws – both legislatively and through litigation in the courts.

An example of supported litigation is the CMI-Minnesota Intoxilyzer machine computer source code litigation in Minnesota Federal Court; as well as the MSCJ Source Code Coalition led by MSCJ but including non-MSCJ-member Minnesota private defense attorneys and Public Defenders.

Since 1985, MSCJ has provided the best annual Continuing Legal Education course DWI and criminal defense.  Originally in Las Vegas with leading Minnesota and national speakers, for the 21st Century we brought it home.  Now in the Twin Cities, the leading edge of criminal law has never been more available to Minnesota defense attorneys.  Don’t miss out.  Held every June.  For details see: MSCJ MINNESOTA DWI SEMINAR (CLE).

Though somewhat metro-centric, MSCJ members are among the top criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota.

Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice attorneys are committed to protecting and advancing the civil rights and constitutional rights of the People against the government.

This website helps the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice communicate information the association finds important for the public and other criminal justice professionals to know.

It also can help people verify whether a Minnesota criminal lawyer is a current member of MSCJ; and help provide contact information for member defense attorneys, for those seeking to retain one of the best criminal lawyers in Minnesota.  See our Minnesota Defense Lawyer Directory page.